About Us

It all started with a bag of apples, specifically a 7-pound bag of apples for 99 cents.

After leaving corporate work to pursue a passion for cooking, I was browsing the grocery store, and I stumbled upon a 99-cent bag of apples. What does one do with too many apples? Make apple butter, of course! I posted a picture of my apple butter to show my friends, and everyone was fighting to buy some! That's when a lightbulb went off; I need to make jams and fruit butters. 

I didn't want to make just plain jane jams though; no way! I love to experiment with familiar flavors to create something new, something magic. There are so many flavors to explore, so I am always working on something new to bring to you all.

Not only am I passionate about my quirky flavors, but I am also passionate about sustainability. Our products are made with locally sourced ingredients, and we create as little waste as possible in our processing and shipping. 

You can find us at Farmers Markets, Holiday Fairs, and other special events all across the Phoenix Valley!

If you would like to make your next party/event memorable or are looking to give a personalized gift, custom labeling is available! Perfect for; Realtors, Baby showers, Wedding favors, Holiday parties, and so much more. Of course, with bulk ordering, a discount will also be applied. 

I look forward to bringing some love and magic from my Kitchen to yours.


The Kitchen Witch